Renew the wardrove!

Hey everyone! I thought of writing this post to help you renovating your wardrobe facing fall/winter.

First, a simple task to begin with:
1. Put your summer clothes in your box room (or where you usually store them).
2. Put your warm clothes in your wardrobe.

Now, the complicated part comes when we have to decide which clothes we’ll be throwing away and which ones we’ll be keeping for this season. Many people hate doing this, but that’s not my case, I really love it! So let’s go on with some piece of advice:

The first thing I do is classifying all my clothes in two categories: clothes I want and things I don’t want.  Then I make two subcategories for each one:

Clothes I want:
  • Clothes/Shoes/Accessories in excellent conditions which fit you good and are still in fashion. Ready to put them in your closet.
  • Clothes/Shoes/Accessories in excellent conditions but which need some tailoring or an update with some good DIY.
Clothes I don’t want:
  • Clothes/Shoes/Accessories you barely use, old fashioned or you don’t like anymore but which are in good conditions to be given to someone in your family or your friends or  donated.
  • Clothes/Shoes/Accessories in bad conditions, worn down, torn, holey, etc. All of this goes straight to the trashcan!

If you don’t have enough will power to do it or to throw something away, you can ask some friend for help :P. Besides, you’ll have a good time.

Sex in the City, The movie.
If you have any personal question about what to do with something, you can ask me! I'll be happy to help you :) Anyway, I'm writing some new posts, which I'll upload along this week, to give you more ideas about what you can wear this fall/winter, how organize your closet, etc. Kisses and happy Monday!


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