Basic Wardrobe for men and women

Having a basic wardrobe is very usefull when dressing, but, what is actually a basic wardrobe? It's nothing but quality timeless garments, which help us when we don't know what to wear for any ocassion: for work, for an after-hour, going out with our friends or couple, etc.

The basics I show you 
next are the typical garments we can find in other basic wardrobe lists. The important thing I want you to understand is that each one should create their own basic wardrobe according to their own personal style.

We won't be pursuing a garment that we wouldn't usually wear only for being some key piece of clothing in a wardrobe list. You must take this list only like a guide, and have key clothes matching your life style, tastes, profession, etc. For example, little black dresses are a key garment for a basic wardrobe. Well, if on one hand you wear dresses normally, and on another hand you like fifties style for example, you must have a simple fifties style LBD  in your wardrobe you can wear for different moments: in your job, a formal dinner or to go out for a walk. Do you see what I mean? I hope i've explained it clearly :) Let's go!

First of all, for cold days you must have a good clasic 3/4 coat. I like it in grey, navy and beige for her, and in black or navy for him.
Woman: 1. y 2.TOPSHOP, 3.Massimo Dutti // Man: 4.TOPMAN, 5.The Kooples

Jackets like blazers or americans can help us in an after-work date for example. In beige or black (better) for girls and in navy to give light to boys' outfits.
Woman: Both from TOPSHOP // Man: TOPMAN

Classic white shirt. Altough it might be hard to believe, you can choose among a big variety of shirts. You only must pay attention to the the neck, cuffs and buttons!
Woman: ZARA // Man: 10.TOPMAN, 11.The Kooples

Cardigans and sweaters must be of good knit to last a lot of years.
Woman: 11.Massimo Dutti, 12.TOPSHOP // Man: 13. y 14. TOPMAN, 15.The Kooples

Multi-purpose t-shirts and tops! Here, they look clasical shirts, but we can find a big variety for all tastes.
Woman: All from ZARA // Man: 19. 20. y 21.ZARA, 22.TOPMAN

Another essential: denim jacket. It's great for these autumn moments when it's cold early in the morning and night, and hot at noom and you can tie it in your waist.

Both from Levi's.

Black pencil skirts can be worn in formal events combining them with a special blouse and heels, or for casual times with a t-shirt, an oversize collar and a pair of loafers for example.
And shorts for boys, they can be worn for office with a blazer, a shirt and oxford shoes. Or for everyday looks with t-shirts and sneakers and a cotton vest for a casual style.
Woman: 25. TOPSHOP, 26.ZARA // Man: TOPMAN

Little Black Dress and basic black suits can be worn out of the office or formal events or parties, if you choose them in a simple style and light fabrics like cotton.
Woman: Loft design by // Man: 29.TOPSHOP, 30.ZARA

An other autumm/fall key, the trench. I like it in beige as much for man as for woman.
Woman: 31.ZARA, 32.Massimo Dutti // Man: ZARA
Dressing pants in black, navy, grey or beige.
Woman: 34.TOPSHOP, 35.Adolfo Domínguez // Man: 36.TOPMAN, 37.Massimo Dutti

And here comes our closets'star: jeans. I honestly hate buying them because I cannot distinguish between one model and other when I look at them in the store! So, when I find a pair that fits me good, I buy them without caring if they are of good quality or not... Do you have any piece of advice for me? :(
Both by Pepe Jeans

To finish, shoes. I think they are the first thing which we must invest in because our feet are the part of our body that suffers the most during the day. So, for this reason, I considere them a key piece in our basic wardrobe.
Woman: Massimo Dutti // Man: 41.ZARA, 42TOPMAN

And the same thing with heels and formal shoes. We must search them in good material like leather, and they must be very comfortable.
Woman: 43.ZARA, 44.TOPSHOP // Man: The Kooples
In my case, I have almost everyone of these basics. Another advice:don't desesperate searching some of these. I'm very stubborn when buying clothes. I always look for garments with a pleasant touch , besides being nice and fitting good. But this is special to me. I was looking  my leather jacket for 3 years, and I looked for my clasic coat for another five years, for example. Now, I´ve looking for a beige trench since 2008, and yes, I know they where in trend at that moment, but I haven't found "the perfect one" yet... But, hey! the wait always is worth the while!

I hope I helped you :) A lot of kisses!


  1. olé olé!! con el inglés ya vas sobrada! ahora solo queda ahorrar para viajar;)
    un besito,

    1. jajaja muchas gracias Paula! Pero hay que decir la verdad, con el inglés siempre me echa un cable mi chico corrigiéndome algunos fallos que aun cometo, pero bueno poco a poco voy mejorando ;)

  2. Me encantó este post, es muy completo y explica muy bien cada prenda. Yo amo los cardigans, siempre quedan delicados y dar un toque muy femenino.

    1. Muchas gracias, me alegra mucho de que así lo veas y que te sirva de ayuda ^^ Los cardigans son una de las prendas que más me gustan para el frío :)

  3. Me parece perfecta la seleccion, la gabardina,los salones, todo.

    X cierto mis pendientes pesan un poquito pero a los 10 m te acostumbras, xlo menos yo si jeun besote y gracias x pasarte x el blog




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